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  • Dorothy E.

    I always feel great after yoga class. Lynne is an excellent instructor. -

  • Pamela H.

    Lynne is a wonderful yoga teacher! She always paid attention to the special needs of students with "issues" and offered alternative poses when one wasn't attainable. I also appreciated the smooth transitions from one pose to another The classes always featured a new pose or two each session and were never monotonous. I would highly recommend her as a yoga instructor! -

  • Terri W.

    5 star rating Pure and simple a real yoga studio. Excellent instruction by Lynn the owner. They also offer Kundalini and other classes. TRX instruction is also a bonus. Wish I lived here, I would make the studio my home base. For all ages and levels. -

  • Cindy C.

    I am learning yoga properly and I feel wonderful when I leave. I tried 3 different classes and I feel great ! You couldn't have a better instructor than Lynne. -

  • Melissa L.

    My first yoga class was this year at age 56, and it is amazing how much better I feel!! Lynne at Authentic Fusion is awesome! So knowledgable, patient and empathetic. She has a calming and loving presence, and helps to tailor your body movements to either bring you benefit or to avoid injury or stress to specific body areas. If you've ever considered yoga, give this class a try! Great variety of class schedules. Easy parking in Venice. I LOVE MY TRX YOGA !!!!!!! -

  • Susan G.

    Lynne is awesome. I truly appreciate & enjoy her classes. -

  • Bev a.

    I participated in 3 small group classes. I found Lynne to be knowledgeable and easy to follow. She creates a comfortable environment for yoga. -

  • Linda B.

    Lynne is a wonderful teacher and highly educated. I felt relaxed and refreshed after her class. The studio is beautiful. -

  • Katherine S.

    Lynne is an excellent teacher, and her classes are challenging and grounding. She does a really good job of giving options in each pose for those who are newer to yoga and those who are more experienced. Highly recommend! -

  • Stefanie S.

    Lynne's yoga classes were fabulous! She led great classes that included students with varying levels and experience (from the tough military guy to the crunchy housewife) and kept it exciting and challenging for all. Highly recommended!! -